Is this thing on?

It occurs to me that I forgot to mention that I finally defended a three weeks ago. Still have a week of corrections left. Thanks everyone who helped get me drunk afterwards. Unfortunately, cell phones and beer don't mix, so if I used to know your phone number, I no longer do. If you want me to call you at some point in the future, you should send me your number again:)

Upcoming Concerts

10/17 FreezepopMr Small's 7pm
10/24 Matthew SweetMr Small's 8pm
11/7 Catie CurtisThunderbird Cafe 7pm

The last one is 1 hour after the EuroSys deadline, which sounds like a wonderful way to unwind, unless I fall asleep.

Finally, more concerts

4/12 Neko Case Carnegie Hall, Homestead 8pm
4/13 Mike Doughty Mr Small's 8pm
4/25 Matt Pond, PA Diesel 7pm
5/10 Tegan and Sara Palace, Greensburg 8pm
5/23 KT Tunstall Carnegie Hall, Homestead

One step closer to being done ...

Though there's still that ton of work and actually writing the bloody thesis anyway. The plan is to walk in May 2009, which for those keeping score, would be 7 years of grad school or 10.5 after taking the first required course. CS proposals are public and one of the ex Mach guys I was working with in 1999 stopped by, which was just "holy crap that was a long time ago."

Spring Concerts

4/19 Great Big Sea The Rex
4/20 Spoon CMU
4/23 Loreena McKennitt Reading
4/24 Vienna Teng Club Cafe
5/2 My Chemical Romance Petersen Center
5/7 Duncan Shiek Club Cafe
5/9 They Might Be Giants Mr Smalls
6/4 Charlie Daniels Band Star Lake
6/25 Rush Star Lake
7/19 Neko Case Byham

We're famous ...

Most of our lab is at a conference that we're very well known for,
and the highlight is this :

For those who don't know, one of these guys is in the cube next to deathb and I.
You can figure out who asked about what was under the labcoat ...

A day for the unexpected

The good : The motorcycle no longer has a top speed of 35mph. Though the only thing wrong with it that I fixed shouldn't have been able to cause that problem.

The bad : The answer to "why do I have a bloody glove?" is "because you ripped off part of your thumbnail." At least it didn't hurt. Until the alcohol. Ow.

The ehh : The lyrics to the title song for the new James Bond are not on the Internet, nor is it on the soundtrack CD !?

I don't want a pickle ...

I now have a fully functional motorcycle. Though I only managed a grand total of 1 mile before the thunderstorm got here. Discoveries : it feels really weird not to be able to see the car directly behind me. And three-dimentional hills suck.


I've been thinking of replacing my driver's side mirror, which has been somewhat floppy ever since an unfortunate incident in a carwash a couple of years ago. Today some idiot decided for me by ripping it off along with most of the paint on that side of the car. And I thought Forbes was safer in light of all the windshield smashings on Darlington. Whoever you are, may you forever be hounded by an army of rabid ants. Odds are it was a PAT bus and most of the damage is plastic from its bumper that's melted to my car and will clean off with a lot of gentle scraping. Not what I had in mind for this weekend.